Beef Nutrition Facts

JTops Beef Nutrition Facts

Learn why JTops only provides the best beef for our BBQ. We want our customers to experience the best beef and the most nutritious beef when experiencing our North Carolina BBQ.

Beef Brisket

Rich, beefy flavor; typically sold boneless; available both fresh and corned. A less-tender cut, it becomes tender and delicious with long, slow cooking.

Ground Beef Nutrition

A combination of cuts from the chuck, round and sirloin. Can be used in a variety of recipes and cooking methods

Three ounces of beef contributes to less than 10 percent of the Daily Value for nine essential nutrients. This is based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

Beef not only provides an excellent amount of nutrients. There are 19 cuts of beef that are leaner than a skinless chicken thigh and meet the USDA Labeling Guidelines for lean cuts.

Nutritious Benefits of Certified Angus Beef Consumption

Beef supplies an abundant amount of key nutrients to help children grow up to be strong and healthy. Nutrients that are found in beef contribute to optimal growth, cognitive function, red blood cell development and prevent iron deficiency during the adolescent years.

The American Dietetic Association recognizes beef as a functional food that provides a health benefit beyond basic nutrition because of its Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) content, a fatty acid found naturally in beef. Recent research indicates CLA may play a role in cancer by inhibiting tumor growth and development.

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