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JTops Chicken Nutrition Facts

Chicken nutrition facts, such as high in proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and low in fat and cholesterol, make chicken a major component of a healthy diet. In fact, dietitians recommend that chicken should make it to your food plate at least thrice a week. In chicken nutrition, protein content plays an important role as a 100 g serving of chicken provides more than half of recommended daily protein intake for humans.

Vitamins from Chicken

If our body is not provided with the required amount of protein daily, it starts using the proteins stored in muscles to generate energy, and hence the protein stores in the body have to be replenished daily. Other than being one of the best source of lean proteins, chicken is also packed with various vitamins, minerals and all nine essential amino acids. It provides you with 40 percent of the daily requirement of selenium. It also has a decent saturated-unsaturated fat ratio.

Although fat is required by our body to facilitate energy generation, too much of fat can turn out to be harmful for the body, especially in the long term. Generally, chicken with bone and skin has higher fat content than its boneless or skinless counterpart. However, the fat content in chicken is much lower when compared with other meat. In fact, half of this fat content is unsaturated fat which helps in lowering the cholesterol levels.

When it comes to chicken nutrition, iron and zinc content in chicken dark meat is much more higher than that in white meat. Chicken meat also contains significant amounts of phosphorous and potassium, essential for our body. Low calorie count (only 150 calories in a 199 g serving) is yet another important aspect of chicken nutrition. Calories are meant to provide energy, but if they are not utilized properly, they lead to excessive weight gain. Read more on nutritional facts about chicken and nutrition facts.
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