John Thompson ,
Perfect Wedding Catering

Wedding planning, and in particular, wedding catering, can be incredibly stressful.

Food is one of the most important elements of any perfect wedding catering-especially for the guests and wedding party. While you will be busy soaking up the atmosphere, you will have to keep your friends and family happy on your wedding day by providing great food. Given that the lunch or dinner time is when most great memories are made during the big day, this brings a considerable amount of pressure to the catering menu selection.

To help you organize the perfect wedding catering and to make your big day’s wedding reception one to remember, here is a simple plan:

Create a specific theme for the event

The primary – and most important – step is to create a theme for the wedding reception. This will help you to choose a menu that corresponds with the rest of the event and ensure no one on your guest list dislikes the food. If you haven’t settled on your vision for your perfect wedding catering service, your wedding planner will be able to help you with this.

If you want a more casual wedding, then you might want to stick to a Southern BBQ BBQ catering company. Of course, if you want this customized theme, you will then need to decide which type of barbeque you want – and whether the wedding venue can accomodate this on your wedding day. There are four main types of southern barbeque – the Memphis barbecue, the Carolina barbecue, the Kansas City-style, and the Texas style.  

Perfect wedding catering by Select a wedding food menu that will please everyone

The best place to start with creating your own wedding menu is to ask your loved ones and family members whether they have allergies or other special dietary requirements. This will help you narrow down your menu choices and ensure everyone on your guest list can enjoy this memory making meal. Another key step when you plan a wedding catering the number of guests attending.   

If you choose Southern theme, with a BBQ catering service, but a few of your guests don’t eat red meat, you can always provide smoked chicken or turkey as the second entree option. BBQ chicken will satisfy a high number of guests, and it can easily be complemented with fresh salad, green beans or potato salad. 

Appetizers can be added to any catering menu with a variety of small plate options, which will add to the overall food experience at your perfect wedding reception. Another popular option for modern weddings is to hire a food truck to visit your venue to serve guests instead of a traditional plated meal.

A wedding men favorite for Southern BBQ weddings is pulled pork. This regional classic serves well whether a buffet style or plated mealis chosen. 

Although there are many menu options for a Southern BBQ wedding reception, the choice you make will be the right one. The foodand catering service you choose for your perfect wedding day should be enjoyed by all, but most importantly, you and your new spouse!